Blaq Pearl’s on The Mitchells Plain

At noon ten of our group visit  Robbie jansen the famous South African Alto Sax player.  He has invited us to eat at his home.  We entered and sat at the dinner table  as he regaled stories of Cuba.  It is the reason he likes to invite people to his home.  The chef is his  step son who  becomes  Master of Ceremonies and explains the wonderful food while serving it.  After an astounding world class meal  of Cape  Malay and bread and butter pudding with butternut we leave to travel to Mitchells Plain.

We visit Janine’s childhood home.  I had the incredible coincidence of meeting Janine
a few months ago in Sweden.  I told her I was coming to Cape Town. Later on she said “you are coming to my house.”  What are the odds on that!  Janine is Blaq Pearl .   We speak to her in her home on Mitchells Plain and slowly slowly she unravels the story of her brother otherwise known as  Devious a rapper mc who was killed outside their front door

His story is like Tupac’s. But she was there.  There’s no iconography just a brother who
went to help his father who was being beaten by some drunk boys on the corner.
He trapped his foot in the gutter and a boy stopped beating his father, walked calmly towards him and slashed his throat.   I consider Janine’s well being as she opens this unsealed box and carefully takes out the elements of the scene.  I hope that she will be able to put it back were it was once we are gone. We leave for home in silence.I wonder if heaven’s got a ghetto.

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