Today The Journalist and I went to see Marcus Brigstock’s  SUNDAY ROAST at The Udderbelly on The Southbank.  It was hilarious. If you like the newsquiz on radio four then you will love this.  It is four guests talking about the headlines and news on that day so it is more contemporary as the news quiz, more honest and more funny. 

No subject matter was  out of bounds. I laughed until I cried.  I love laughing.   If you
get chance and you are in London on a Sunday then get yourself a SUNDAY ROAST.  The journalist and I  get home for a relaxing early afternoon.

Then I got on my bike and rode back into town for a performance  at  Ronnie Scotts  on Frith Street at a night called Jazz verse.  I did it as a free favour for Jumoke, the host  who is a quite an incredible woman with a warm smile.     I arrive home upon my bike at midnight.   

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