Beatbox and Tears

I travel back the two hundred and fifty miles from Manchester to London’s Southbank centre pick up my bike at Euston stationa and cycle to Southbank centre early afternoon.

My film Internal Flight is showing there tonight and  the copy I have  is not fit to be used. In  panic I called Seble a kind woman who  has an amazingly good copy.  She has. Meanwhile I’ve organised to show some homeless guys around the Southbank today at 4pm but I am on stage at 5pm, at The Udderbelly,  performing beatbox and poetry with a guy called Thom Thumb,  from Tom Tom Crew who have been selling out each night at the four hundred capacity  new South bank centre venue, The  Udderbelly.

After rehearsing with Thom Thumb for ten minutes in the afternoon I meet the homelss guys at 4.45pm I get them tickets to the Udderbelly gig which is hosted by the most talented and principled comedian Richard Blackwood.  I perform two poems with Tom Thumb and it goes down very well: good to let the young folks see a man with a book in his hand with  box beating.  The entire event was organised and put together by SE1 United.

I then run over to The Purcell Rooms for the showing of the film at 6.45pm the DVD is delivered. Thank you Seble.  By 7.30pm the audience is in. The homeless guys came over from the other venue to this and the film starts. Immidiately after it finishes I walk onto stage and read out the speech from the Booktrust conference.  It is surprisingly the most moving event of the entire year so far. I cycled through the night home.

Outside of the venue I meet the homeless guys. I keep calling them homeless guys  hereas they are actualy from a shelter nearby to Southbank which is why I wanted them to be here.  I want them to have had a good day. I think they have.   Infact there were more staff with them but they enjoyed the day too and that is just as important I think.

A woman who wears a top hat with her daughter is sat in the front row.  It is Gil Scott heron’s daughter with her mother. After we have a long chat.


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