Saturday Live Poems

Here are the poems: BBC Radio Four. Saturday Live 9am until 10am. Woke at 6am to finish these two poems off as best I could. The first one is broadcast at the beginning of the programme and the second towards the end.  The first poem Four Cast   and the second poem, The Big Gesture, should be read as if a person is working out their thoughts as speaking

Four Cast

The Shipping Forcast drifts past
Night slides down the earths back
Morning rolls in like a warm breeze on skin
The Breath of dreams out, the daytime in
Saturday live: another week gone
And ire-less the wireless tirelessly on

The Big Gesture

I know it was one small step but I can’t understand where
the giant leap for mankind is.

It was a big thing to do. A big gesture

I am glad you did it.

But  can’
t  understand why I am glad you did it.

Maybe you telling me it was a good thing made me think it was
Maybe we needed something outside the world to unite the world

Something out of this world to distract us from within.

(You did a good job there.) 

I know it appeals to something primal
A need to travel to explore . To go where no person  has gone before,

I just cant see, how it affects me, unless somehow the natural impulse to
Travel to see other worlds to discover to engage to connect

To walk upon new lands

The impulse of man first found in Ethiopia to travel outwards to new worlds

Across seas…. the impulse for man to be the UFO
That there must be more than this, the impulse to seek outwards

And explore,  

Unless it  could be correlated with, say,  immigration.

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