Global Poetry System

Since it's inception months ago I've been googling the term Global Poetry System. There was only one other hit. Since our early presence online I have noticed more entries not all pertaining to our project. It's all good. Here's a summary of what it is. It hasn't launched as yet

Global Poetry SystemFor more funny videos, click here

5 thoughts on “Global Poetry System

  1. I like it – especially the mention of Valentine's cards (that business of slagging of poems with terms like 'greetings card verse' and 'Hallmark poetry' really pisses me off). Reclaim the slight.

  2. Sounds good. When are you going to be on the National Poetry Archive?
    There was a programme about it on the Radio a while back. It was very moving to hear about the process of recording some of the elderly poets. One had become blind and had to be prompted, line by line, another spoke his poems and then wept.
    It just reminded me that real poets are not lofty, other wordly figures, they work with the fabric of the everyday and weave magic with it.

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