Let’s Calibrate!

It’s a more than interesting week. But  I wouldn’t know  good news if it knocked on my door and said “hello I am good news and coming from the source of all good news  I have some good news for you on this good news day.” I would stare it out with suspicion and just at the point of being convinced the good news was good news I imagine it to  turn around and say “if you can’t appreciate me for what I am then I shalln’t be good news at all” at which point I would say “I knew it” and slam the door.

So what to do with good news:  Tell myself that I at least deserve it in reward for the hard work I put in.  So what to do with good news: apply myself to it and let it calibrate life? Just
let it Lemn.   I’ve built so much of my life around bad news that  I am not good at what to do with good news. There’s good news:  my

play has been commissioned for radio broadcast in March next year – about six months away.  There’s some terrific news about a dance/poetry commission called The Shiver   based on a BBC radio documentary I made of the same name and next month November I
shall be made a Doctor by a university in England.   There’s three pieces of good news to start with. And Fiona Renshaw had her baby. And Whitney McVeigh’s exhibition opens this week.   This week I am going to calibrate!

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