Antony Gormley

Evening. It’s the Sky Arts party tonight at Antony Gormley’s Studio in Kings Cross as his
groundbreaking artwork  one & other comes to its close. There is approximately twelve hours left.  Gormley’s studio is  cavernous. His work  suspended from the ceiling still seems  far above.  The space is filled with people – mainly  television folk –    and the champagne is flowing freely.  

Waiters and waitresses  (I am sure they don’t call themselves that anymore) deftly weave their way through the crowd. Pinafore perfect the “waiters” float,   balancing black slate platters spotted with canapés. I am sure from above the sculptures see some kind of formation dance.  Within a couple of minutes I’m  chatting with Antony Gormley  who  was
concerned that  One Another, described by Tim Marlow as the most important public
artwork of the decade
,  would be archived by The British Library, who had originally  made the offer thus giving more life to the artwork: a celebration of life itself.   

I  was chatting to spritely  Lucy Lumsden   the   “BBC Comedy Chief”  whom after eleven years left the BBC   to go to sky recently. We talk with mutual admiration for Henry Normal who she worked with throughout his groundbreaking comedy output – gavin and stacey, mighty boosh etc.  Her friend is a friend of my friend as it goes.   And soon enough the crowd gravitates towards a stage.   There’s about an hundred of us in all.

The event was introduced by head of sky arts then they showed  a  montage of  One & Other,  then the arts presenter Tim Marlow  spoke to  a clearly emotional Antony Gormley. Listening to them made me love living in London even more. Afterwards   I had another chat with Gormley to say goodbye and thanks for the invite. I was an ambassador of the fourth plinth and proud to have played a small part in such an historical project. Tomorrow it will be front page news.   Whitney and I left the building in perfect time. I am glad she came, otherwise I wouldn’t have.

 I cycle home through the islingtons dickensian  night   using   Iphone GPS technology and  waiting for me are two books. One is Penguin’s book of  Poems for life. It includes Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Carol Ann Duffy and me .   But a little more valuable is Watering Can,   published by Carcanet Press and written by a writer whom I like  alot: Caroline Bird.  It’s been a wonderful day .  I am back.  

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