Back At The Bank

Morning. I got to my office at The Southbank for 9.15am and caught Clive Stafford Smith
passing and  munching a pastry.  I say a polite hello.  Mid munch he  stops for a short chat about, of all things,  Gerneral  Patten’s mad poetry. After walking away I realized that I’d just yesterday cancelled the gig I was supposed to be doing for Reprieve his
campaigning organisation.

I step past  disappearing Appearing rooms the art installation by my office.  It appears at the beginning of summer and ends at it’s end.  I have watched (or more sensed) it slowly being  dismantled this past few days but  today it shall disappear altogether.    Come lunchtime and BBC radio drama director Claire Grove visits the riverside rooms.  “hey Lemn. Just got back from Australia.”  We discuss my recently commissioned play Why I Don’t Hate White People which she got commissioned and which she will be directing. She’s kind of amazing and maps out the recording dates and deadlines for next year, in much similar fashion, I guess, as she mapped out her singular soujourn to the outback.

 At 3pm I meet Suandi Obe  that’s OBE not an african name. We eat a late lunch and catch up on all things Manchester.  Meanwhile Sandi Toksvig walk by.  Come the end of the day I stay on at the riverside rooms and at 6.30pm I get on my bike and ride across to Kings Cross where I meet my  close friend artist whitney McVeigh  with whom I shall be attending a very chi chi event.

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