Rich Mix in Bethnal Green

Tonight I read poetry on stage in east London’s  east end  with Inua Ellams, Jean Binta Breeze and Alex Pascall OBE.   It’s a pleasure  to see them all but I have an unerring fondness for Jean who supported me in the early years for which I am eternally grateful.   It was good to introduce Inua to Jean.  

London is so immediate that people too easily disintegrate the past in  eagerness to build their biography. This is to their detriment:  a universal  tree of black writers in Britain over the past say fifty years would  be a great help.  I have been saying this for a while.  

The reading tonight was not memorable for various reasons, except one thing,  The Rich Mix as a venue  is transforming itself and feels like a hub of art activity. The cinema feels integrated with the arts centre.  This is due to the energy and expertise  of the Rich Mix Team under the exec producer Pawlet Brookes.  

I am based at The Southbank Centre the greatest arts centre in Europe. But it doesn’t matter whether the arts centre is a converted stable in Wigan or  The Southbank Centre in London the principle of success remain exactly the same.

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  1. RichMix gig was memorable for me, I remember a Mr Sissay almost falling through the stage backdrop while demonstrating there were 3 of him; as well as a great performance, left with head full of wolves and a black swan (thank you).
    He also left his trainers at the venue, if he's wondering.

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