That’s For Me at Swiss Cottage

At 9.30pm  I am in Swiss Cottage with The Journalist at the Odeon attending the UK  Jewish Film Festival to see the sold out second showing of “That’s For Me”  a film about a wannabe  actress Zara Zimmerman  and her hilarious family.

The quest of the film is for Zara  Zimmerman to achieve fame at all costs.  Despite her family, despite her boyfriend, despite her absolute lack of talent she will become famous. It is a bang up to the minute satire and  fall off your seat
with your mouth open funny. In some scenes I put my hands to my face to look through my fingers unbelieving of what I was seeing on screen.

Shot in a fly on the wall documentary style the  greed of  Zimmerman permeates each other character who reveal themselves to be at least as hideous.  In
unveiling  the cringe worthy dark side of a North London Jewish family the film steps  into the murky subculture of  satire of  the likes of Sascha Baron Cohen and Chris Morris. It is that good. The Q and A after the film revealss that Debra Tammer and Claudia Solti

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