Night Male

An exciting week’s coming up. Most notably it is the opening of the exhibition GSK
Contemporary Earth
 at Royal Academy of Arts where  my piece What if is exhibited. The Exhibition opens on Tuesday.  But tomorrow (Monday) the journalist and I will be having lunch with Kate Adie  (amongst others)  at the Houses of Parlaiment. This is for NORCAP.  I met her fleetingly at Hay Festival this year and babbled on about how much I enjoyed  From Our Foreign
 Tracey Emin has donated  a sketch which is good of her.

And then in the evening I’ll be shall have the honour of introducing Caroline Bird at her book launch in London.   If you can get along then do she’s worth it.   But for now I am in the office at Southbank centre. The journalist is at   the Black Hair and Beauty Awards at The Hilton Metropole around about now.   Office sounds makes the studio sound too mundane. I am in The Riverside Rooms the vortex of The Southbank Centre artists in residence. That sounds a bit better. That
sounds more true.

The wall around my  window in front of my desk has started to take shape again.  I had an animated discussion with David Dunkley which on a Sunday afternoon confirms what it is to be two artists in residence in the peoples  palace on the river Thames in one of the greatest cities in the world..  I read my Southbank centre mail and a worker thanks me for suggesting an artist for a project who turns out to be perfect for it. This matters to me when it happens but it doesn’t matter when it doesn’t.   It was a project that I was originally asked to do and the suggestion enhanced it.

That’s part of what it is to be artist in residence,   To inspire and be inspired ,  the same criteria when I began this residency as it is now.  It’s 6pm at time of writing.  I’m looking out of the window on a dark  churning Thames River and waterloo  bridge arches  it’s back over and over again to the embankment on the other side.  I sent off the letter today and after a long conversation with the journalist I have accepted. This is the night male crossing the border

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