No Poetry Readings in Britain Until October 2010!?

It’s 10.30am I am in Toynbee Studios to view  i test.  i test is a poem I wrote for Artsadmins 30th birthday and it’s painted upon a  wall then photographed for a thirtieth anniversary publication. It’s part of my poems as landmarks project.
Then there’s a two  hour meeting with Gill Lloyd my projects manager to  map
out  2010.  

I suppose here’s as good a place as any to say that I am doing no poetry readings until October 2010.  I’ll be doing lots of other things but   no poetry readings.    This means turning down thousands and thousands and thousands  of pounds worth of work.  Is this a good idea or a bad idea? What are the benefits or pitfalls of of the decision?

Still at Toynbee at  one o’clock I meet  Hilary Keanley  Side from the board of  Barnados  where I introducing  Karen from New Deal of The Mind whom.  By four pm I am back at the Southbank centre to meet the editor translator  Daniel Hahn.
We discuss my Arvon visit next week where I shall be the visiting author.   6pm And home. 

I will do readings  outside of Britian.    I am not going to turn down a poetry reading in The Seychelles now am I?  You  can define a self employed  persons career prospects  by the work they turn down more than they take?    

9 thoughts on “No Poetry Readings in Britain Until October 2010!?

  1. Wow, I'm impressed that a poet can earn thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds! But distraught that I won't be able to hear you until at least October.
    Actually no, I'm not. That's a silly notion. I'll just go and buy your books, the author is 'dead' after all (I'm the person that was tongue-tied when meeting Carol Ann Duffy anyway!)

  2. It makes me wonder how many readings you have done in Britain over the years! Rough guess?
    I last saw you read live in Leeds' Duchess back in…1990 maybe. You've done a few since then I suppose!
    To another great chapter…

  3. I feel it beholden on me to bemoan the loss of great poetry readings by Lemn Sissay. (Why has no one said that)? If it's in your personal and artistic interests then it's a good decision. Can't give advice without a bit of background info though. Will read more of your blog.

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