Highlights of The Week:

Why not collide. A fashion student  said why not dress your best all the time. There’s a thought.   In much the same way why not be your best all the
.  There’s another thought.  Christians go to church in their Sunday best.   Isn’t God aware that on a weekday they curse him with casuals?   The fashion student wins out.   Why not dress your best all the time.

It’s been a week of occasions:  eventful enjoyable artful, focussed and fun.  I got tickets for the kind spirited Turkish shopkeeper, Abdullah,   to see Orhan
at Southbank Centre on Monday 11th.  On Monday morning  he hunches to me   we need artists   he says  over coffee as snow hurled across the street.  we need people who do not think in a straight line. I wave goodbye and outside
the shop I watch an old  old Jamaican man struggle and lean forward  against a near blizzard as he crosses the busy interscection.  Sometimes I see people and think of mortality.

I have been writing and in meetings at  Southbank centre each day this week, from 10am to 5pm.  On Wednesday  I stayed ‘til 10pm and saw Shlomo’s  most excellent exploration into  beatbox theatre.    On Thursday I went to see a master:  Stewart Lee at the Leicester Square theatre displayed fine skills of script and stagecraft. It’s all about making it seem easy.  Outside I was discussing theatre
with friend Omar. In response to my saying that everything has been done before
Omar frowned and said  has it though:  people always say that and then something new gets done. Damn he’s right.

On Friday through investigative journalist and artist in residence Martin
I met  Jack of Kent,  he of the infamous blog that takes a sceptical and liberal look at public debates and legal issues.  He quoted shelly from his 1819  essay  DEFENCE OF POETRY   Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of
the world
. We were discussing the subject of libel. He also quoted simon singh who consummates libel laws in one perfect phrase    libel doesn’t just gag me it blindfolds you.

On Friday Morning  I gave two old  cashmere jumpers  to that   Jamaican man via Abdullah the shopkeeper. Is it ignorant or self aggrandising  to say so, here the blog.  I don’t think so. I got at least as much warmth from the experience as he might.

On  Friday  I met Warren Lakin and Martin Colthorpe senior head of literature programming to discuss an event for Fran landesman.  On Saturday from 9am until 9pm I sat by the computer and sent out individual invitations to an event on 18th January. And on Sunday went to Spittlefields to meet friends at Pattiserie Valerie ,   to buy  John Smedley in the sales.    The Journalist made fish pie and at  9.30pm I drove to the BBC in town  for an interview on Dotun Adebayo’s BBC London Show.

Right now it’s Sunday evening late and I am soon to bed on the third book by Steig Larsson.  Its heroine Lisbeth Salander is a wonderfully strange woman brought up in institutions. And tomorrow  two weeks of Southbank Centre artist focused activity begins. It’s called Collision.

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