Maiden and The Moon

This is the maiden tour date of  Why I Don’t Hate White People  and I am nervous   I have been coming to crewe for  years.  The performing arts college is transformed since it was incorporated into Manchester University and rebuilt.

There is an vibe  about the new architecture:  dancers rehearse in open space, art’s up on the walls, live video feeds are splashed upon unsuspecting corners corners. There is an artist too.  It’s good to see,  to feel.   After spending the day learning lines I walk to the theatre only minutes from the hotel.  We do a full run through of the entire play and all seems well. 

A few hours later the evening performance of Why I Don’t Hate White People goes down a storm at Axis arts centre. For the first time I have incorporated John McGraths  new directorial notes.  The entire play changed for the better.   The ensuing question and answer session was powerful stuff too.  There is a need to
articulate, to debate the issues of the play. It is invigorating, life affirming and fun.

 I’m pleased to be here in Crewe  miles from the beautiful and yet self centred  metropolis.  From  the window of my room across the fields a gigantic full pregnant moon about to give birth to spring. If the Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient mariner has taught me anything or any of the great stories it is that nature and climate are in conversation.

It is the same full moon I saw from the train when I left the ancient mariner in London for here in Crewe. It is the same full moon that the ancient mariner saw with a star in its nether tip.  It’s still… as am I… shining  surrounded by darkness and stars.

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