Me Mail E Mail.

Since Tuesday I have been working on a 2,000 word article for poetry review. Today I pressed send. That simple button has so much to answer for. What to do about emails? I react to them as they come in. They disturb my pattern of work. They distract me.

Fifteen years ago I worked as a literature development worker at a community publishing house in Manchester and there I attended a time management course. It was suggested to open mail at certain times rather than first thing in the morning when they arrive. This was before email (this was snail mail) but I think the same principle applies.

If there is one thing you should know today it is that Simon Singh wins his case. Read more about it here. He has lost two years  of his life and  200,000 pounds in court costs. This is what it means to win when someone sues you for libel.   So let's hope the BCA pays every penny of it.

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