The Land of Volcanoes

I have been exploring words at The Bank this morning for a commission I'm working on: The Riverside Rooms are quiet. The influence of The Bank stretches across the world. Here's an example. So I read on stage at Richard Thompson's Meltdown in The Royal Festival Hall on 17th June this year and Meltdown producer Jane Beese introduced me backstage to the great poet Claribel Alegria (and her son) who was also reading.

What word describes when two poets meet in the arts maelstrom of event. We were a free verse of poets in a short heroic couplet of time. In terms of experience she would be the time honoured symbol and i aspirational assonance. “I will invite you to Nicaragua. I think there is a festival in my name” she said afterwards and we exchanged books. Today my agent received an invite from the vice president of The festival of Poetry of Granada in Nicaragua.

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