They are watching. They are listening.

I used to say it was a way of offsetting my nicotine footprint but in not smoking I’ll just have to admit that cycling the ten mile round trip to my office at Southbank Centre has been an invigorating way to kick start each day this week. It’s London fashion week so there’s no shortage of strange looking dramatically dressed men and women milling around Somerset House and this week the pope’s catwalk show for his autumn range has opened to mixed reviews.

There was a scare too. Someone reported an alleged conversation they heard in a café about a threat to the pope's catwalk show and as a result six men have been imprisoned interrogated and released. Normality is restored. By the end of the week we hear they were innocent. Phew. That was a close call wasn't it? I’m waking at four am most mornings. It must be connected to not smoking. Books I am reading are Orhan Parmuk’s The Museum of Innocence , Kathryn Stockett’s The Help and The Maltese Falcon. Saw the film Avatar this week and presently watching Synecdoche on DVD.

Be carefull what you say, how you say it, where you say it and who you say it to. They are watching and they are listening.

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