Daytime at Broadcasting House

London is full of models on account of it being London fashion week. The slurping sound of Miso soup is deafening and sales of rice cakes have gone through the roof. But the munching sound. The munching sound! The munching.

I cycle to town to BBC on Portland st. Arthur Smith is sat in a café. He’s about to do an interview on radio 2 about poetry he says. I am recording some trails for my play. In the lobby at broadcast house sits Sanjeev Baskhar. We once hosted a performance for Prince Charles at the Commonwealth Heads of State Conference in Edinburgh.

I'm met and escorted in the lift I meet Roger Wright head of radio 3. I arrive at the studio do my recording and then leave. I see say hello to Simon Mayo on the way out. He says hello but can’t place me as I am walking upright and not at all going out live. That’s ok sometimes I can’t place me.

I cycle, swirling through London to The riverside rooms. Sometimes. Sometimes when I cycle I stand on the pedals and imagine I am floating. It's a blast.

Today there is a five page feature on me in the supplement of Slovenia’s main newspaper DELO.

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