I Hated it (part one)

It’s not unfair to say life is incredible at the moment. Why is it incredible? Not because of a major windfall, nor because of an astounding review. It’s simple. I stopped smoking about six weeks ago. Now in of itself it’s a good thing to stop smoking but the benefits are not just good. The benefits are a whole lot more. They are a Larry David. “Pretty Good”.

I hated smoking. I hated every damn cigarette. I hated it so much it took an immense energy to pretend that I didn’t . only I would always return to the sad old fact that I was addicted as hell. And this made me hate it even more. In case I didn’t need reminding the sign on the pack about my getting cancer made me hate it more. I hated the smell cause non smokers hated the smell. I wanted to hate them for hating it except they were right. I stunk like a skunk. And I knew it. And I hated that.

See, and I hated the effect it had on my teeth and my breath. And I hated that I had to say excuse me at the dinner table so I could go smoke and then I hated returning to the table all stinky. And I hated other smokers cause I knew most of them hated it. The last thing we needed was reminding. So we lied about how much we loved smoking. (Cont in next article)

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