Tacking into the Wind

Time flashes past so fast. What you read in these blogs is a glimmer of what I do. I wake at 5am most mornings. Since stopping smoking it’s 3am. So I drink Valerium tea and swallow Nytol to at least get one or two more.

They say stopping smoking makes a person put on weight so since I early September I’ve cycled each day to my office at Southbank Centre. It’s a twelve mile round trip. It’s been a blast: stopping smoking.

As artist in residence this past four years I’ve enjoyed programming literature at Southbank Centre, bringing to the stage, Gill Scott Heron, Chuck D Benjamin Zephaniah and many more.

It’s an honour to have been inside The Southbank Centre revolution. As per the artistic directors vision the artist in residence is at the heart of Southbank Centre since the refurbishment of The Royal Festival Hall.

Poetry International, Britain’s biggest poetry festival takes off at The Southbank Centre soon. Now as Associate Artist being both a poet and internationalist I shall be in South Africa with Something Dark. .

Meanwhile The Ocean Liner nay Tanker of literature programming plunges onwards tacking in the wind of deadlines as the ‘complex conjugate’ of fascinator, Rachel Holmes and fastidious Martin Colthorpe stand upon the bridge calculating and navigating weather patterns, onwards.

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  1. I recieved this glowing text from a friend in response to hearing 'Why I don't Hate White People' on radio 3 last Saturday, sums up how I felt too:
    “Was painful,gritty and in parts brilliantly witty, he's a great Orator, found myself wincing at his characters, quite fantastically unerving taking us into a nightmare world, the humour illuminating the stark ignorance and fear. Was epic, like listening to Hamlet. He spares none yet loves all.”

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