Illume 24th eve 25th Oct

“Market Theatre is one of the iconic theatres of the world” said John McGrath the director of my play and artistic director of The National Theatre of Wales “so enjoy yourself”. Malcolm Purkey the artistic director of The Market said at our introductory breakfast “This is a complex and fragile city in a complex and fragile time”.

The posters advertising Something Dark are all over this “complex and fragile city” – on the back of buses too. On the first night a storm breaks. Lightening strikes. Here’s the South Africa Times in preview and The Daily maverick and what’s on review. This is to name a few – my reception has been like the storm – electric.

Of friends I met firstly with Lebo (Mashille) on 24th. I drove to her home – got totally lost and had to be picked up. We ate food and talked and laughed into the night. It was beautiful. Wrong word. It was fun. The night after on 25th Mzwakhe Mbuli the great poet and friend of my projects manager came to our apartments to see her. I made them all spare ribs in my sticky homemade honey tomato and Tabasco sauce. On offering Mbuli more he said with eloquence in his baritone voice “I would not like to disappoint you by refusing” Genius.

Mbuli's story of how the head of EMI supported him while he was in jail is enough to make you have faith in the record industry. Between these two poets are the voices no longer quelled in South African Poetry but rejoiced. “I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing if it wasn’t for Mbuli” said Lebo in paying respect to him and to the poets who laid the ground. She is pregnant and radiant. Her pregnancy illuminates her radiance. And I am illuminated. The company of artists is something I crave. It is always been that way.

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