22nd: African Mosaique Morning.

I devote a most of the morning to selecting three tracks which best depict my experience of family. I do this for Miranda Sawyer of The Guardian Newspaper for an interview on December 1st when back in London.

I’m settled here in Johannesburg as much as one can be. Late morning I drive through Houghton’s Jacaranda lined avenues to the flowering inner city bustle of 44 Stanley which is a piazza type affair filled with bespoke boutique shops and restaurants.

I have been to 44 stanley for meetings every other day and each time popped in to African Mosaique run by an Habesha former international model and entrepeneur Anna Getaneh. Today I pass the shop and there she is with her Ethiopian designer friend. I introduce myself and invite Anna and her friend to Something Dark.

At 12.30pm I am sat by the pond in 44 Stanley with a composer who came to my performance and in the Q and A asked if she be allowed to give me a hug. First time that’s happened from an audience Q and A. I got off the stage and hugged and now here we are. It's a bit akward to be honest. I did say to myself that while I am here in Jo'burg I would meet anyone that asked…..

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  1. Hi Lemn
    I agree it it did feel a bit awkward, sorry about that. Your story was just so heart-rending, I know it was probably ridiculous to think a hug could make up for any of the horror and rejection and sadness you had suffered, it was a mother's reponse, even if I am not old enough to be your mother technically, I couldn't comprehend how anyone could do what was done to you, that's why the hug,I was moved. Hope you will still stay in contact, don't worry am not a stalker or something, just a softhearted type. Sometimes other people reject my child because he has Asperger syndrome and I see his hurt too. Don't know why people push one another away, perhaps its their own hurt that makes them do it.
    All the very best

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