Trapped In Police Roadblock Sting (part two)

I saw something: The police officer was interested in the story of Something Dark, it resonated with him, with his own story. I could see it. “Take my number” he said “I will attend”. And there in the downtown streets of Johannesburg the officer wrote his name in my notebook and we exchanged numbers. I was quite moved “bring anyone you like just call me before so I can confirm”.

I take complimentary tickets seriously. It is something I learned from friend and DJ Dave Haslam. The officer returned my documents and waved me on. I travelled across Nelson Mandela bridge into Newton and onto stage at Market Theatre for that evenings performance. Days passed and I heard nothing. Tonight was the last performance of my six week run and undoubtedly the best.

A standing ovation precedes the Question and Answer Session which I have been giving post event each night. As the applause ends and the Q and A begins I ask “would the officer mind if I tell the story”. I find him with my eyes while pretending to scan the audience. It's a trick magicians use. I look at him. Only he and I know the story and no-one else knows who I am looking at. He smiles and nods with pride.

I then tell the entire story about the police officer as I have told it to you in this blog. He wasn’t a theatre goer. He was sat alongside his two nieces at what is the national theatre of south africa. He looked at me and I nodded and said “ladies and gentlemen he’s here, tonight, with his two wonderful nieces.” and he rose up with such a wonderful and proud Jozi smile. He was the proudest man in Johannesburg and the South African audience reflected his pride in their pride of the city and broke into wave after wave after wave of applause.

To see his picture look for the man in the yellow shirt in my photograph album called “Last performance” on my facebook page.

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