Part One of My First Seven Days back In England

One of the appreciable factors about leaving is returning home and one of the special considerations of home is that it's a point of reference from where to travel outwards. I like the world passing in a blur through windows of planes and trains. I like the brush stroke more than the rush stroke. I like the landing and the taking off, the departure lounges and arrival halls and the pleasures spent between.

Within hours of returning from Johannesburg into snow dusted London I am in the cosy warmth of my office at The Riverside rooms in Southbank centre. I’m being interviewed for The Guardian by Miranda Sawyer. The article is for The Guardian Family podcast for which I choose three records that reflect my notion of family. The present incumbent of this slot is Suggs of Madness.

The next day on 6th floor in the members bar of the Royal Festival Hall I meet my friend, the poet and artist Kate Daudy who bought me a pair of vintage gloves. Kate is radiant – the gloves are excellent. We catch up. I wanted to know about her War Dress which was displayed at Poetry International in October while I was in SA. Tomorrow she goes to Paris to meet Louis Vuitton. Kate has exhibitions opening around the world.

Meanwhile a graphic artist has been making some incredible pictures that include me – his name is The Hood – and he’s been sending them via facebook.. I am in the Southbank centre every day and it feels so good . It is coming home. It is coming home. All pictures on facebook.

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