The First Olympic Poet.

I’m proud to be the first commissioned poet for The Olympic park 2012. The poems will be carved into Scottish Larch that surrounds the transformer which provides and distributes electricity. There’s no finer,more charged place to be. Poetry is transformative electric and powerful.

Ruth McKenzie announced the poem earlier this week and today – Saturday – William Seighart mentioned it on BBC Radio Fours Today programme. I am proud of the three pieces I have written. They’ll become part of GPS – Global Poetry System as will all the Olympic poems.
An Olympian fete is World Book Night as formed by friend and publisher Jamie Byng. World book night was launched last week. It’s a one million book give away of 25 books chosen by a panel including yours truly and the likes of Stephen Fry and Hardeep SIngh Kholi. It takes place on March 5th 2011
On the Art in the Park. Two of the three Olympic poems I wrote for The Olympic Park are directly influenced by the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay. The third poem Spark Catchers is about the women workers who fought for their rights at The Bryant and May matchmaking factory by The Olympic Site. Coincidentally at exaxtly the same time Jo Philips with whom I share an office wrote about these women in her book Why Join A Trade Union. I have seen the designs of the transformer. You can see them here in the first link.

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