The Shamen and the Nuclear Stockpile.

On Friday I arrive in Scotland at the Gothic Knockderry House Hotel on Shore road skimming loch long. Knockderry was built in the 1800’s. Further up the hill is Cove Park an international centre for the arts and creative industries.. Both gaze out across Loch Long. This is Highlights of The Week from Friday to Wed.

I’ve been with artists and scientists formulating the 2011 cape farewell journey which will weave through the Scottish isles. It's been a remarkable few days of true connection. I arrive back home on Sunday invigorated. A little known fact to us English but Loch Long has the largest concentration of Nuclear weaponry in Europe. If there's a nuclear attack on the UK they bomb here first – not London.

On Monday I wake at home in England at 3.30am to write. I write for four hours adding the final touches to a piece called Night Rain. And at 10am I am at The Roundhouse on Chalk farm in North London in front of a microphone with the sound engineer counting down five.. four… three…. two… one….”Night Rain….”

On Tuesday morning at 9am I visit Eskanazi in Mayfair where my friend Kate Daudy has her studio on the top floor. After a private view of one of the greatest exhibitions of Chinese art in Europe we have coffee round the corner across from Burlington Gardens of The Royal Academy.

For lunch I meet with the producer and director of an exciting production company in Clerkenwell but in my head kneels the delicate 10cm high Shamen made of gold from the han Period of 206BC – 220 AD. The Shamen knows to listen to the earth and read climate. All of these visits are punctuated by Southbank Centre. All photographs on facebook

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