Transracial Adoption

I know too many people who were transracially adopted to say that it can not work. Clearly in some cases it does. The success stories are undeniable by virtue of their success. The ones for whom it doesn’t work are less obvious to the point of being invisible. Their suicides, mental illnesses, homelessness, drug addictions and self harm are unseen and therefore have more capacity to grow.

The true effects of transracial adoption are not in childhood but in adulthood. Such statistics are not available and subsequently the debate is manipulated. The prospectors believe themselves to be saving the child, choosing it even, when in fact the child is fulfilling the parents needs, the child is unfolding the narrative of the parents lives, the child is saving the parent.

Alternatively there is a notable, unusual even, amount of high achieving black transracially adopted children – a minority within a minority. I know of a television presenter, a television producer, a world class chef, a model, an Olympic winner, two national journalists and one famous writer all who are black, all who were transracially adopted.

Trans racial adoption didn’t just happen as a result of government directives today or over the past forty years. There is a history to transracial adoption in Britian that deserves investigation, that would enlighten us all as to why babies are taken and implanted in the womb of an alien country for what is conveniently perceived to be their own good.

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