The True Mystery of Midsomer Murders

Midsomer murders is ‘The last bastion of Englishness.’ according to producer Brian True-May in Radio Times. It’s why there’s no ethnic characters in the show. Subsequently he’s been suspended by All3Media. A bastion is a projecting part of a fortification built to allow defensive fire in several directions and a last bastion” is figurative, a place, institution or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes or activities.

It feels like an episode of the successful series: A black character has been murdered and everyone in the village is denying that a) there’s been a murder and b) there's a problem with race. Midsomer began in 1997 fourteen years ago. There’s been fourteen series to the present day. In 2004 it was one of top three most sold British TV shows worldwide. It earns millions each year. And like any successful worldwide business, there is a formula and also a motive.

In England where the national dish is curry True-May looks a bit dated but is he the prime suspect? What of the writers, the casting agents, the actors, the production company? Was there ever a conversation in the story line or writers meetings were a black character was vetoed because they didn’t fit with the Midsomer formula? Did a casting agent ever draw away from a black character because they were not suitable for Midsomer Murders.

The production company All3Media has a visible lack of ethnic minorities on their web page facia. Has True-May revealed an open secret that diverse England does not sell for ALL3Media on the international market? Maybe the true mystery of Midsomer Murders is how the “entire village” has got away with this for so long. The mystery continues.

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