Love Thy Neighbour.

One of the truest ways to identify racist behaviour is not through something said but through something unsaid. I’m looking forward to July and a residency at The Grassington Festival. My previous residency was at Southbank Centre where I’m now Associate Artist. Whereas the residency at Southbank spanned three years Grassington will be one week but the principles of residency are the same.

It’s enlightening then to watch the hit television series Love Thy Neighbour. Two visiting couples compete for the affections of Grassington. At the end of each show the villagers, who are featured throughout, vote for one couple over another. The prize for the winning couple at the end of the series is a house in the village, worth £300,000.

Last week an educated personable, young, Asian couple contributed to village life and yet at the end they were seventy one percent down in the votes against a couple who were a window cleaner who tried to steal work and a dancer who couldn’t teach. All the evidence in the programme pointed to the Asian couple winning comfortably but they lost via a landslide in the other couples favour for no apparent reason.

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