The Levelling Sea

The thing about being an artist is that some periods are spent alone craving company and other periods are spent in crowds craving privacy. That’s one way of looking at it. The other way is this. Some times are spent alone creating and other periods are spent with people celebrating creation.

Creativity is not the property of artists . Today I had discussions with a hospital about a commission and with Artsadmin about project management and scheduling. But this evening I spent four hours in Notting Hill Gate with the great Baaba Maal and the magnificent Suzette Newman formulating plans.

On the way home on the central line I notice Southend is news. Apparently Southend will be a new London airport. Southend is also home of Shorelines The World's First Literature Festival Of The Sea. It launches on July 15th. Hear great literature of the sea and then fly over it. But airport or no airport my feet aren't touching the ground tonight.

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