The Grassington Pantomime Horse Race

Grassington. Church is part of the community and I am artist in residence of the community festival so when the David Macha, the vicar of Grassington asked if I would read at the Ecunemical service at 10am in the town Hall I said yes.

In the day time the the village roads were blocked off with hay bales and the pantomime horses in place at the middle of main st. The Master of Ceremonies stood upon a table at the The Devonshire, the village square was packed and they were off. A good time was had by all with lots of laughs and only one broken arm.

Come the evening my own performance took place at The Octagon which is a small theatre in the same town Hall as this morning. It being a Sunday and fathers day I wasn’t expecting a full audience but the venue was packed and I performed for two hours.

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