Grassington: This is Not An Explosive Device. The Perfect Residency.

I've spent the past five days as poet in residence at Grassington Festival in the Yorkshire Dales. My time has been used well. I gave three performances. One at an ecumenical service, one at the theatre, and one at café maison, I led a workshop at the theatre. My poems were transferred on baubles which were dotted around the village one with the words this is not an explosive device.

A verse from my poem Let There be Peace was written upon water proof paper and hoisted on the front of the town hall beneath the town clock. I wrote a piece for one of the residents. Random unexplained verses from my poem Invisible Kisses have been placed on notice boards around the village and this morning, each of the 1,500 residents will receive the full poem through the post.

2 thoughts on “Grassington: This is Not An Explosive Device. The Perfect Residency.

  1. Hi Lemn
    I didn't get to see any of your performances in Grassington but everyone here in Grassington has just received a copy of your poem 'Invisible Kisses' as a parting gift from The Grassington Festival. Having read it through a few times I felt moved enough to need to pop on to your blog to say how much your poem speaks to me. I love the poetry of Sarah Churchill because of the way she uses language to paint pictures, your poetry paints such wonderful imagery in each verse. Thanks for giving me a few special moments in time

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