On David Starkey. The Vanity of Historians. (part 1 of 2)

Historian David Starkey has caused a racial hail storm due to his inflammatory comments on national television. But I believe Starkey’s aim is not to incite but to elevate.

Can’t you hear the death rattle from the intemperate Historian? His despairing need to inflame amongst the dying embers of riot, his theatrical outburst is symbiotic of the rootless rioter. Starkey is hopping with excitement in light of new goods, new material for his cortège of moribund ideas. Like the court jester as the court crumbles the riots have given him life but no purpose.

Whereas the rioter has an apartment for his booty Starkey has television. The inhumanity needed for a man to gain notoriety by goading the most vulnerable at their greatest time of need is questionable enough. In the television debate on the disturbances the BBC needed an “alternative” voice and no doubt Starkey rose with alacrity incredulous that yet again he’d be given a platform at this time of all times.

After telling the producer what he would say he has stood in the monologists mirror “darling if they are stupid enough to bring you on their programme knowing how you feel then you give them what for. You give them what they want and more”. And there lies the lie. What feigns concern in Starkey is an naked vanity. There is a history to the vanity of historians.

(Article continued in next blog. This blog should not be read as a lone piece. It is part one of two.)

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