Trash Talk: Cynicism kills optimism thrills

On digital diarrhea. If my email address is included in a rambling list of people who, it’s been determined, may have some interest in the progression, or in more cases the depression, of the senders life immediately I set up a filter so next time it slips through my computer like diarrhea and delivers itself straight to trash. Here’s some more for the trash list.

Artists who want to work with me but who haven’t really got an idea – straight to trash. The disingenuous – straight to trash. Movers and shakers – straight to trash. Schemers – straight to trash. Deceivers – straight to trash. The ones who try to steal your ideas, your spirit – straight to trash. The cold ones – straight to trash. The cynics and the bitter – straight to trash. The takers – straight to trash. There’s more for this list but I’ll spare you the blushes.

Cynicism kills – Optimism thrills. It’s important from time to time to wade through the trash because often there's a diamond in the dust, an important email nestled between the digital detritus. You're never too good to check your own filters.

2 thoughts on “Trash Talk: Cynicism kills optimism thrills

  1. Hey Lemm can you post this on my wall, my tech skills are running at a all time low. This writing is so true the first delete made me LOL. Here I am on the top of the hill laughing so hard I hear it across the valley.Keep going, so brilliant. If you ever need a place to charge your batteries please feel free to come out to Sifnos, my sister Lulu and I have a Lavender farm and Artist retreat. love Button

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