“What’s a monoglot” you ask. “I am a monoglot. Most people I know are not.” I say “So what are they if not?” you ask. “They are polyglots that’s what” I say. “Lemn means why.” I say. “What?” you ask. “Why” I say. “Why would you be called Why” you ask. “There lies a story.” I say “What story.” you say “Every time my mother says my name she actually asks a question” I say. “are there any answers” you say. “Not as such but if I spoke here language maybe there’d be a way.” I say. “Then you’d be a polyglot” you say. “you knew” I say. “Yes”. This is a test post for my new blog site.

2 thoughts on “Monoglot

  1. Lemn Inspired

    Pronounced to carry
    A question everytime
    Another word sneeked up to
    Build boulders that reconciled
    Sharp with style
    In every Y there is you
    Lemn Lemn
    A prayer whispered
    Filled with hope
    Heart stretched out in hand
    In every Y there is You
    But also Her and Him
    Lemn revived a language
    When softly uttered
    Each soaring vowel
    Became a promise
    a stair way to the
    Land where every breath
    Was Fire the
    Polygots listened and admired
    Before them was a man
    With a heart that rhymed
    A billion languages
    Lemn Lemn inspired

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