Colour Blind – A poem

Colour Blind   By Lemn Sissay

If you can see the sepia in the sun
Shades of grey in fading streets
The radiating bloodshot in a child’s eye
The dark stains on her linen sheets
If you can see oil separate on water
The turquoise of leaves on trees
The reddened flush of your lover’s cheeks
The violet peace of calmed seas

If you can see the bluest eye
The purple in petals of the rose
The blue anger, the venom, of the volcano
The creeping orange of the lava flows
If you can see the red dust of the famished road
The white air tight strike of nike’s sign
the skin tone of a Lucien Freud
The colours of his frozen subjects in mime

If you can see the white mist of the oasis
The red, white and blue that you defended
If you can see it all through the blackest pupil
The colours stretching the rainbow suspended
If you can see the breached blue dusk
And the caramel curls in  swirls of tea
Why do you say you are colour blind when you see me?

3 thoughts on “Colour Blind – A poem

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  2. hi there
    Great poem. Love it!
    First time I read Color Blind ,about 7 years ago was on a pocket size edition… . It was a some sort of sampler… Black Poets… can’t remembered how I got it, unfortunately it is lost now.

    On that copy your poem a bit different. It had the same meaning but some of the words were different. It was like a simpler version, simpler words… Could you please post that version. I would love sharing it with my students

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