“We Are More”. Canadian Winter Olympics Poem.

Come on Olympics Committee of London 2012. Commission a poem to be read at The Olympics. like this one entitled We Are More by Shane Koyczan at the Winter Olympics in Canada.  Millions of people have seen this.  It lasts one minute forty five seconds in time but it lasts forever  in the hearts of a nation.

1 thought on ““We Are More”. Canadian Winter Olympics Poem.

  1. Love that – we didn’t just say it, we made it be. Yes!

    Ready and waiting,
    Waiting on the blocks to get set
    Set up for the time of my life,
    But not yet,

    Hold it,
    Hold it back steady,
    Ready for the time to unleash
    The roar of the crowd to awaken the beast,

    ‘Cause it’s patience and training and pushing and straining that’s brought me to this,
    And I see the podium calling me home and I’m ready for this.
    Nothing can stop my momentum can’t stop my momentum won’t quit.
    Ready and waiting,
    Ready and waiting.

    The clatter,
    The clutter of critics
    Who limit and intimiditate
    Flatter me but their lines
    Are love hate,
    Love hate
    Swaying breaking

    Love hate
    Shove hate aside
    ‘Cos their words never took a stride
    So I smash my mind through their cold pride
    Hold high
    Raging breaking

    ‘Cause I put in the graft and the craft and creation
    I’m going somewhere
    And the prize is the pride of a glorious nation
    I’m gonna get there
    Nothing can stop my momentum can’t stop my momentum I swear
    Ready and waiting, ready and waiting.

    And a nation holds its breath and screams,
    The hour of all our hopes and dreams
    Is now – come on
    Let it be now.

    Country of my birth you are
    About to birth a brand new star
    And I’m determined,
    Because it’s all

    Ready and waiting,
    The race is already marked out
    No limits within it to worry about
    Determined determined.

    ‘Cause it’s fire and desire, my desire to inspire that’s brought me to this
    And I’m set like a metal my mental potential is focussed on this
    Set and I’m settled unfettered set loose loosened up, up for this
    Ready and waiting, ready and waiting,
    Ready and waiting
    Ready and waiting
    Ready and set to…

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