The British Adoption Drive: The Forced Generation.

Adoption is difficult?  Birth is difficult.  During the year ending last March Three thousand and fifty looked after children were adopted. Sixty were classified babies. Two percent. Point twenty of a percent decrease (approx) on the previous year. That must be good news. That less children are adopted must mean more babies are with their birth parents. We must be a happier society – point twenty of a percent happier.

This decrease  has been used to inflame the debate on same race adoptions. Only two percent of the three thousand and fifty adoptions were for black babies. Therefore of sixty babies adopted last year it’s statistically likely that one or two were black. These statistics are misused to play the  majority against a powerless minority. Years earlier the powerless were single mothers and the government (and church)  set society against them too, using adoption as its weapon.

And it took years to come to light.  Today many successfully adopted adults  in their forties  seek out those  birth mothers who in the intervening years have lost the capacity (or the reason)  to tell their resourceful and  often well educated returnee birth children, that they were adopted against their wishes.

It is in light of this that we enter a concerted “rapid and radical” adoption drive by government.  Forced Adoptions are the governments way of cracking the code as they did in the sixties.  The truth will come to light not now but in twenty years time when they start to search for their birth parents. They’ll become known not as the lost children, that name’s been taken,  not as the stolen generation, that names been taken too,  but as the The Forced Generation. And they will trace their story back to now. Who will be here to answer their questions?

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  1. Thanks for words of wisdom. I gnashed my teeth when I heard Cameron talking about league tables this morning. Sounds dangerously like commodification to me.

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