How To Achieve Your Desire. Hic.

The inglorious power of alcohol  is that it makes desire feel like it’s being achieved.   If your  desire is to win friends and influence people then alcohol will allow you to feel as much.   So far so good.  Remember this can only be achieved with others who are drinking because they have their desires too and while you’re achieving yours they are achieving theirs.

The person you’re drinking with may have a  desire to feel attractive so while you are being sociable she (or he)  is feeling more attractive.  She’s checking out other people cause they’re picking up on her attractiveness and you’re checking out others because they are picking up on your sociability.  It’s a win gin situation.

Your not as much social butterflies as self medicating lunatics shuffling round the “open” room in the asylum.  As long as everyone’s medicated no-one’s  acting strange.    It  makes you invisible too.  Wanna be rock and roll?  Wanna be intelligent?  Wanna relax after a hard day?  Wanna be the life and soul? Wanna be funny? Wanna forget? Wanna be sexy?  Whatever you desire it’s yours as long as you’re drinking at the time?

And if you drink enough you’ll get past the pursuit of desire and fall headlong into  Alice in Wonderland confusion? By now memory fails you and your mumblings  fall by the kerbside.  Occasionally you’ll gift yourself a moment of clarity where the inner you screams down the rabbit hole get out get out now.    You’ll wake up with a  hangover.  Maybe you’re with the attractive one. She doesn’t feel attractive. You don’t feel sociable.   There’s nothing wrong with drinking to achieve your desires if at all you’d achieved them.   In the cold light of the morning after is the the realisation that you haven’t.  Get out. Get out now.



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  1. and then…. the cycle repeats itself and the quote “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” comes to mind…. why would repeating the same course of action lead to a different end result?

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