For Work For Love.

Thanks for dropping by. It’s rare I put up a poem.   “For Work For Love”   is commissioned by Workers of Art inspired by Thanet  and was launched and projected onto The Turner Gallery in Margate,  at 7.30pm on 26th January 2012.  It will be projected at the same time on 27th and 28th January.  A series of photographs  and descriptions will be uploaded at landmarks.

For Work for Love

A Flint night falls the smuggler wakes

Punch sleeps where Judy wept

She descends beneath a Thanet sky

Calcareous clouds of hops and hope



A candle paints on the tunnel wall

An iris between the loom and luminous

A lunar corona a dull echo of light

(Within this fist of sight she steps)


Inwards onwards as darkness retreats

Fossils break beneath her feet

In gulping eyes a gull’s glare

Deeper into underworld


Beneath the workhouse, beneath royal sea baths

Beneath Arlington house

Beneath the clock tower a penny shudders

On its pendulum then beneath Turner


To the caves, the open caves

Horizon melts sky and sea

For a dawn of fire and earth to come

The sun the sun…

Cold air pushes her chalk face

Water traces her toes as

Blue pencil around a child’s fingers


The trace sea

With cold hands grabs her ankles

She becomes an immigrant

She tastes salt immigrant salt

The moment she steps into the sea


“One Day I Will Leave Here” she screams

At the tide and the Margate Moon

“And I will make something of myself”

Her breath becomes the waves


“we’re all immigrants”  said a woman old enough to know

As she foxtrots’ alone in the community centre

“This was an Isle after all. We all crossed the waters for

Work or for love and some if lucky

Return with the same”

2 thoughts on “For Work For Love.

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  2. great to meet and sing for you at St nicholas and Turner gallery last week.
    projecting the poem was a great idea as i always thought the bleak exterior cladding of the building was a wasted opportunity to reflect Turner’s skies with some metallic finish
    as a matter of interest some of the projected lines in the poem differ slightly from those on your bookmark page.was this intended? viz

    She descends beneath this Thanet sky…. i think better than a Thanet sky
    A candle paints the tunnel wall……i think better than on the tunnel wall
    The horizon melts into sky and sea….. i think horizon melts sky and sea is better
    The sun the sun… line omitted.probably is better omitted

    sorry to be so forward.just wanted to know if differences were deliberate!
    Glad you enjoyed your Thanet experience. You captured our insularity.

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