100 words on a spoken word agent for a contemporary poet.

You’re feeding your talent by seeking a spoken word agent because you’re making time…. to write.   The time to seek out a spoken word agent is when you are in demand. Not before.  The idea that he or she should get you bookings when you have none is mistaken. They charge between ten and twenty percent  and will raise your fee so you won’t notice the charge.  A spoken word agent is not a  literary agent, producer or manager.They will have reasons to represent you. Here are two:  1. You are in demand 2.  You fit with their rostar of artists.  Google three poets who play live and find out who their spoken word agents are.  Meanwhile here’s my booking form. My agent uses it for any gig anywhere in the world. You’re welcome to customise it and use it – keep it simple.  Ultimately it’s your work that makes more work.

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