Food For Thought: Highlights of The Week.

the imagine dinner february 2012It’s Thursday I’m attending a dinner  at The Clore Ballroom in Southbank Centre. There’s more writers for children  publishers and agents than I’ve ever seen in one room,  from Jaqueline Wilson to Michael Morpurgo.   It’s organised by the all seeing  Book People and Southbank Centre:   The food is cooked by Jamie Oliver’s chefs .  Jamie’s here too and he speaks passionately  from the stage. Anthony Horovitz gives an immaculate speech and I too.  I’m honoured.  I sit for two hours with Michael Morpurgo and Jude Kelly the artistic director of The Southbank Centre. A magician as you can see in the picture knows where his bread is buttered. I’m home for 2am.

It’s Friday and the weather’s gorgeous. I cycle to Tate Britain and give a speech at  a conference called Seeing Through – On art resilience and young people.  I’m glad it was filmed.   The food at the Tate is prepared by the same head chefs who, the night before, cooked  for Rihanna and other celebs at The Brit Awards! I can’t eat it though.   After the speech I cycle to Southbank Centre. I sit in the members bar on the sixth floor with views of Parlaiment across the river  as the sun goes down and  write an article for The Guardian which will be, I hope, up on its  website on Monday.  The sun has gone  it’s a balmy night and I cycle home through friday London to home. Lots of food not much thought inthis blog. Except all of this is encapsulated in one bbc radio interview with  Jeni Barnett on BBC London two weeks ago.

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