Photographs: Arriving in Addis

Ethiopian Airlines has always been stylish. Many of  my family worked for Ethiopian in the 70’s. My uncle was head of technical services, father a pilot and my aunts were “air hostesses”.  I arrived in Addis an hour ago  and asked if the cabin crew would mind if.. and… you get the picture.


3 thoughts on “Photographs: Arriving in Addis

  1. Nice photos, everyone looks happy as do you Lemn but you look emotional like there’s an undercurrent that is pained, it must be bitter sweet returning there. Anyway, it’s bound to be an adventure, that’s the approach you seem to take to life and it’s really inspiring.
    Go well….

  2. Many many thanks. To cut a wonderfully long story short there is undercurrent. I am an ocean. In this picture I’m only happy. And the undercurrent is happy too.

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