Is forced adoption child abduction by the state?

Two hours ago  I received a distressing message from Linda via my website which with permission I’ve reproduced in the next paragraph. I met a journalist 12 months ago who said  forced adoptions would become procedure. This morning BBC radio four read the governments press release (?) stating that it wasn’t race but the speed of the adoption process (through the legal system) that was their problem. Fast tracking right? Like you would  a production line. So what gives?  Is forced adoption child abduction by the state? Here is the message this morning from  Linda. Not her real name.

“I don’t know where to turn….I met you a long time ago when you  were starting to inspire kids like me…and the kids I work with who brought ourselves up….in short I am working with two young parents who have had their children taken into foster care within a month basically because their Dad went through the care system himself and doesn’t   (quite rightly) trust Social Services. They are being crucified by the system and it looks as if their youngest child may be forcibly adopted before they can build a proper case to challenge the original illegal seizure of their children….I don’t know where to turn to help them..and others like them…..please if you can tell me who to contact who might give them proper legal advice…they are representing themselves as their legal aid is useless….it’s like something from Nazi Germany……”


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