My itinerary in South Africa 15th to 22nd April 2012

I wouldn’t normally publicise my itinerary but I can’t get hold of you so here it is.!  I arrive at Oliver Tambo on 15th April. I’ll be staying near Walkerville just  the other side of Soweto at Tswalu Grove (Hartzvalley Estate). I’m coming   to  town – Jo’burg – on Thursday night, 19th April,   to The Lucky Bean in Melville from 7pm to  place to see y’all and catch up.  Please come!  On 18th I’ll be working in Durban at Umthombo.  I’m loving their  surfers not street kids vibe.  Surfers are to sport what poets are to literature.   I’ll be in Cape Town on 21st at 7pm reading at The Slave Church on Long St.   Come. It’s gonna be full of fire and ice!  I’ll be dropping in to Addis in Cape   the best Habesha  restaurant in South Africa.It’s the only place  I’ve  had a surprise birthday party. I am in South Africa with  CAST a dedicated team of  professional arts practitioners from the UK  to learn, to teach, to share.

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