The Decisive Moment. The Shot. Click. A week in film.

This week’s  all about film filming and films. Film.  Earlier this week I filmed for  unitas. We shot a series of  poems at Southbank Centre.  Unitas is a charity that helps people access, participate and progress in mainstream education and training  Meanwhile some other filming with a different company is being edited in Soho and winging itself to the head of a channel for the final decision. The less said the better. Need to protect myself from talking of it.  Then there is the premier of a film.  On 11th April I introduced and and moderated  the Q and A for Town of Runners at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green.   Before introducing the film I paid respect to Ethiopia’s greatest living artist who’d passed away that morning – yesterday. Town of Runners honours him in that there is no more beautiful and truthful depiction of contemporary Ethiopia in film than in Town of Runners.

As we are speaking of film I should share with you that the last time Maitre Artiste Afewerk Tekle  spoke on film was in our conversation nineteen days ago.

First photo by Louise with UNITAS team.  2nd Photo by Dogwoof from Left Dan Demissie (producer) Al Morrow (producer Jerry Rothwell (director) Lemn Sissay 3rd photo Afewerk Speaking to me after my film Internal Flight at British Council Addis Ababa.



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