Finetown. Forty minutes outside Jo’burg

The photo is from my much appreciated  accomodation at Tswalu Grove.  This  Monday and half of Tuesday I worked with CAST for the young people of Finetown in their community centre. Let me praise these South African free born. Let me praise these school children who gave each tutor the highest honour of attentiveness and presence of mind.  When I asked one child  “what time did you wake this morning for school” he saisd  “I woke at Four”.

Let me praise the clarity of their minds, their openness and skills in navigating through  workshops using a second  language.  Let me praise their writing abilities, their acting skills, their singing skills, their filming skills,  their dance skills,  their complex understanding of communication through one language, while thinking in another. Let me praise this as pure intelligence occurring before they spoke a word.

Let me praise them for offering me the gift of their attention and for the poems they wrote and they work they did. I was with a series of groups on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday  afternoon I left for Durban.

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