Greenwich MVMNT.

A chat over a pint  in a pub in Manchester about writing a poem for its outer wall  has become a lifelong project.  Poetry as Landmarks grew from the giant poem painted  on the side of  that same pub – Hardys Well.  Fast forward over ten years later a landmark poem poem is now etched into The Olympic Park.

Between these two there are  more. To name a few:   “Transistor” on the counterweight of the glass lift in The Royal festival Hall at Southbank Centre:   “Gilt of Cain” a poem etched into a sculptor in The City of London unveiled by Bishop desmond Tutu:  “Flags”  laid into Tib St in Manchester’s Northern  Quarter:  “Spark Catchers”  are three poems in The Olympic park.  Poems as Landmarks is a quiet lone project that has grown naturally.

There’s a new Landmark poem.   A year ago I worked with artist Morag Myerscough at the  Royal London Childrens Hospital in East London. Myerscough has a  lush studio in Shoreditch. From here she transforms environments.  Recently Morag commissioned me to write for her project outside Greenwich Station. My poem  Shipping Good is now upon the hoardings and my morning tweets are in MVMNT Café.





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