How To watch The Daily Show in UK

Hi. Your looking for “How To Watch The Daily Show?”. The link is here. Follow the instructions  and the world of The Daily Show is yours. I was lucky enough to come across this and made a rookie mistake of copying and pasting the entire page without acknowledging the author. So give thanks to  the author, Xtremis. 


4 thoughts on “How To watch The Daily Show in UK

  1. thanks Lem. I have gratefully been using this method . However, am having problems with firefox now (can’t open or close it) and wanted to find your extra comment re google chrome. It was not to be found on this page. Am having withdrawl symptons from not being able to watch the daily show!

  2. A nod to Xtremis reaction. A nod, is that all!!
    Something buried right at the end without even the usual courtesy link back? The reason for that though is obvious isn’t it.
    Lem, I don’t mind anybody referring to my original words but when it’s stolen verbatim and then to all intents and purposes passed off as your own work, well, that pisses me right off. Please take this article off or at least rewrite it so it is all in your own words.
    And absolutely none of it in mine.

    • Xtremis,

      “I apologise Xtremis. You are right. I’ll take it down immediately. It is not something I do or have ever done before. I made a rookie oversight in not acknowledging the author. Your kind enough to say that had I provided a link and acknowledgement then I coud have kept it up. I will do as instructed and take it down. If it’s okay I’ll provide a link direct to your page where the information can be found. I’ve had this done to me and I’ve written similar messages as yours to others. If it’s anything they did not mean to offend and rectified the mistake once they were made aware of it.

      The fact is you shouldn’t have had to write me and I shouldn’t have copied the page without acknowledgemnts. I’m embarressed I omitted, stupidly and lazily, to acknowledge and respect the author who has made my life better by showing me how to watch the daily show. I’m sorry.”

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