Jonzi D MBFree or MBE.

Winter snaps at the ankles of Islington and rips  leaves from the trees across from Saddlers Wells. But  a warmth consumes the space as  Jonzid  bounds onto stage and performs The Letter,  his first show in ten years. It’s all about a  communiqué  seeking  his permission  to receive an Honour from The Queen of England.

Since Lennon’s famous rejection of  his medal (four years after receiving it) Downing street writes potential recipients before any public announcement is made,  to confirm in writing whether they wish to be put forward for an honour.  Like the Harmony advert of  1978  “is she or isn’t she?” the question here is “will he or won’t he?”

Having received the same letter some years ago I was fascinated (no less)  to see how the real life drama would unfold on stage.   I won’t give the game away,  after all the answer is the question of the piece.  I was transfixed  from beginning to end. The Letter tours in 2013.

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